• Episode 192 - Apples to Zombies
    Chris, Rob and John are back to an old fashioned stream of consciousness conversation, from disagreeing with some "Best Of" lists to how to survive the apocalypse. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 191 - Better Be Better Than Eddie Vedder
    Chris has a snow day, Rob is snacky and John gets pooped on by a monkey.  Also, they jinx the Buffalo Sabres winning streak and geek out once again over Amazon's "Homecoming".  All this and of course, more. Enjoy!!   YouTube Spotlight:  Becki and Chris
  • Episode 190 - Retro Jamestown
    With John on vacation, Chris and Rob are joined once again by Jim Wirges, all of whom are Jamestown, NY natives. The knowledge of their home town is put to the test with "City of Jamestown Centennial Trivia", circa 1986.  With or without the copious amounts of alcohol that were consumed before and during this episode, let's just say, they did not do well.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 189 - Tomorrow We'll Be Those Guys
    In this week's installment you get a weather report, a science lesson and a ghost story as well as some anti-motivational speeches. This is in addition to some hot button issues facing today's society, such as: How early is too early to put concert tickets on sale and does binge watching make for a more enjoyable experience?  Oh yeah, and Rob may be a bot. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 188 - Tooting Your Horn With Burke Cullinane
    Chris, Rob and John are joined by YouTuber, content creator, and overall bundle of positive energy Burke Cullinane.  Despite Chris's inability to figure out Skype and Rob's mysterious disappearance, they manage to have an awesome conversation regarding the motives and benefits of content creation, including the importance of the community it builds.  Make sure you check out Burke's YouTube Channel here. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 187 - The Most Adult Conversation We've Ever Had
    Recorded on Halloween night, Chris, Rob and John dig into 80's holiday cartoons as well as the upcoming King Diamond video release, "Songs for the Dead Live".  They also recount some stories of their mischievous youth and talk collectibles and how to display them.  Also, go vote, now, if you haven't already. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 186 - Outgrow Your Britches
    John acknowledges that he has a cold, Rob and Chris let Bell's Palsy Awareness Month pass them by and they all realize the podcast logo is rather phallic.  And that's just the warm up!  There is more talk of NBC's Manifest, a rather amorous conversation about Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House and Rob continues his quest to find the perfect live TV streaming platform.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 185 - Nine In Your Slot
    Chris rants about SiriusXM, Rob tracks his sleep and John creates the LOTD Mobile Church.  Also, Pokemon Gen 4, investment apps and more confusion over heath insurance. All this and obviously more! Enjoy!!
  • Episode 184 - We Three Beards
    Chris, Rob and John have the great Halloween vs. Christmas debate, add an entry to the LOTDictionary with "Rantlet", give their thoughts on what the Buffalo Bills are thinking (or not), discuss the MLB playoffs, urge you to watch NBC's "Manifest" and finally end up quizzing each other on Hurricane trivia. All this and John's free commercial for Shiner beer.  Dammit Ray.......   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 183 - Junket In The Trunket
    This week Chris, Rob and John play a little game.  Rob poses the question "What is the origin of the modern day press junket"?;  Chris tries his best to BS his way through it, and John attempts to look up the real answer.  Also, the LOTD method is established, and you should follow it.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 182 - Maniac, Part 1
    Join Chris, Rob, Ben and John as they explore their thoughts and interpretations of the new Netflix show "Maniac", after a little sports talk of course. This episode may contain some spoilers, but then again, maybe not.  They don't know what they're talking about.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 181 - First World Problems
    Spend the hour with Chris, Rob and John as they discuss/rant about shipping companies, Rob reviews Kryptid CBD vape juice and they justify the actions of their younger selves. They also dig into the pros and cons of streaming sports vs. live TV or radio, and establish that we are not as technologically advanced as we may think. Enjoy!!!  
  • Episode 180 - Rob's Excellent Adventure
    For an odd turn, Chris interviews Rob, in (almost) real time, about his New England vacation, and oh boy, does this episode have it all:  travel, natural disasters, new friends, old friends, random body parts, donuts, metal, explosions and of course, continental breakfast. A special thanks to Jack Stolz, who's vlog can be found at the link below, for being such a gracious host and tour guide. Enjoy!!!   Jack's vlog   Segment transition music courtesy Purple Planet - http://www.purple-planet.com
  • Episode 179 - Ill Communication
    Allow Chris, Rob and John to lull you to sleep with the following: Rob is sick, Chris is whining about the heat and John is convinced it's the end of the world.  It doesn't get much better than this!! Enjoy!!
  • Episode 178 - Dreamland
    Chris, Rob and John, along with a special guest, discuss what's new with all of them; John figures out how old he is, Rob has a new musical obsession (or lack there of), they explore the VRV app and ask the question, "Has craft beer gone stagnant"? They also get into sleeping habits and their respective views on dreaming.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 177 - Rave Reviews
    Right off the bat, Rob starts off nude - more of that on YouTube.   Once the dust settles, and all parties are properly clothed, they boys get into the topics of photography, lesser known streaming services, and what they did as kids as opposed to these ridiculous internet "challenges". That somehow leads into a rant about religion and certain hippocracies there of (sorry), before quickly spinning it around to a Buffalo Bills reunion and Rob's dilemma of liking too much music.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 176 - Google Money Baby
    Chris, Rob and John talk some TV, alien abduction, TV shows, books, get rich quick schemes, top 10 lists (about TV shows), streaming services, cooking shows on TV, US postal service and cancelled TV shows.  There could be a theme here.......   Enjoy!!  
  • Episode 175 - Fit The Culture
    They don't get to all the stories they had planned to but....   After the boys have a quick gripe session and John gives an in-depth synopsis of this year's soccer season, they discuss entertainment subscription services, pre-season football and the new Pig Destroyer album.   Enjoy!!!
  • Episode 174 - What The Peen Is?
    It's been a busy week for the boys.  Rob starts a 90's R&B cover band, John starts a rival podcast and they all express their dislike of alcohol.  In addition, they start a new joint venture by opening a combination vape shop / adult toy store and unlock the secrets of the universe using clues written on the back of a one dollar bill. Well, kind of.............. Enjoy!!!! 
  • Episode 173 - Tiers Of Adulthood
    Chris and Rob are left unsupervised once again, and left to their own devices.   Jumping off points include: Rob sees Trivium, cycling, CNN documentaries, Deadwood movie, Commodore 64 Mini, HQ Sports, and marijuana beer.   Enjoy! 
  • Episode 172 - Motivation Monday
    Get motivated with (or for) Chris, Rob and John as they recap their World Cup activities, as well as explore some side project ideas.  Also, Rob has a re-obsession, and they discuss income tax of professional athletes; a topic they have no business exploring.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 171 - JQBX Hero: Jason Zigelbaum
    Chris, Rob and John converse with JQBX.FM founder, creator and mastermind, Jason Zigelbaum.  They discuss the history and some insight into the app as well as brainstorm a few ideas of possible future expansion.   Enjoy!!    Check out JQBX.fm here!!
  • Episode 170 - 90's One Hit Wonders
    Hang with Chris, Rob and John, joined by Jim Wirges as they compile and rank (through democratic process of course) the LOTD Official Top 10 List of One Hit Wonders of the 1990's.  This is pared down from the list of 25 established in Episode 167 entitled "Prepisode".  Agree, disagree, it doesn't matter.  You can't change it.   Enjoy!!   Mid-show break Music: http://www.purple-planet.com
  • Episode 169 - Proof Yourself
    Just a good old fashioned conversation between Chris and Rob, outlined by the random phrases below: Mr. Rogers, Fourth of July traditions, hot dog eating contests, holiday swapsies, react videos, Wrecked, GLOW, ABBA, Rent, Disney, Hollywoodland, time travel, NYC skyline, Ghostbusters, Texas metal festivals, Prophets of Rage, coffee naps Believe it or not, all of that is discussed....... Enjoy!!!
  • Episode 168 - Bells, Bellies, Boobs and Bowling
    This week, Chris, John and Rob cover some hot button issues such as Bell's Palsy Awareness, the dangers of drunk buying online, bowling: history and trends and the mixed feelings of having been in an infamous local metal band.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 167 - Prepisode
    Eventually, they boys pick 25 songs from One Hit Wonders of the 1990's in prep for a future episode in which they will vote, argue, kick scratch and punch each other to define the ultimate top 10. But first, they explore JQBX.fm a bit further, and Ray gives a World Cup rundown. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 166 - We Get Weird
    Without Raybeans to keep Chris and Rob in check, the conversation gets a little weird, as the title would suggest; ranging from the new app JQBX, through their thoughts on the afterlife, dream interpretation and into mental illness. Enjoy!
  • Episode 165 - Angry And Aging
    They boys recap their Memorial Day weekend, even though none of it had to do with Memorial Day.  Rob was in Maryland, John was in a foreign land, and Chris was in a wedding. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 164 - Riot Gear
    Rob takes a deep dive into the band Riot, and takes Chris with him.  Also, Chris preps for his sister's wedding, and Rob preps for Maryland Deathfest.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 163 - Sweep The Leg
    After the serious nature of the last few episodes, we decided to lighten it up a bit.  The Houston boys are ill, Maryland Deathfest is coming up, a bit o' TV talk, legalizing sports betting, and for some reason, a discussion about utility bills.     Enjoy!
  • Episode 162 - This Is America?
    Chris, Rob and John catch up on the past week, including Rob's raffle basket winnings, different perspectives of "how hot is too hot" , and they ponder if they could pee their pants if prompted....... Then they get into the meat and potatoes with a deep dive (deeper than I think they wanted to) into Childish Gambino's "This Is America", which opens up into an insane amount of other topics and issues. Enjoy!! In case you haven't seen it, here is the video:  Childish Gambino - This is America    Midshow Music:  http://www.purple-planet.com
  • Episode 161 - Who's That Girl?
    Joined by Jack Stolz, Chris, Rob and John put their musical minds together to take you through the process of narrowing down the ultimate top 10 list of song's with a woman's name in the title.  The process was difficult, the competition was fierce, the end result, totally worth it.  No spoilers, you'll have to listen for the results.  🙂   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 160 - Exploration: 90's
    Sit in with Chris, Rob and John as they take you on a journey through some of the best albums of the 90s, specifically 91, 94 and 97.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 159 - They're All Awful
    Hang with Chris, Rob and John as they discuss spring, not spring, hometown radio, ticket scalpers, and how some festivals have gotten out of hand.   Lightning Round: Underrated Nu Metal bands per VH1 Walmart refuses to carry new Stryper album Satan signs to Metal Blade Past 15 years of QB draft classes Super Troopers 2 Ray's weekly soccer update   YouTube Spotlight - Sarah McLean   Enjoy!!   Mid-show break Music: http://www.purple-planet.com
  • Episode 158 - Speaking Hieroglyphics
    Hang with Chris, Rob and John as their YouTube cycles sync, Chris sees a couple movies, and they invite you to join their Discord chatroom.  Also, their thoughts on the Facebook hearing, Snoop's new gospel album, and some Parks and Rec.   Lightning/Tangent Round: Record Store Day Sanctuary continues to tour without Warrel Dane Champions League Update   YouTube Spotlight - Rick Beato   Enjoy!!   Mid-show break Music: http://www.purple-planet.com  
  • Episode 157 - Pulling A .16
    Sit in with Chris, Rob and John as they enter the fourth year of the podcast and create the IMDB rating game, talk some NFL draft, and dub themselves your "Fake Fake News Alternative".   Lightning Round: King Diamond working on a new album Apple pulls Instagram off WatchOS Netflix sued over Stranger Things Cheapest places for your vices FCC approves SpaceX global broadband network Fleetwood Mac back on Bilboard's Hot Rock List Ray goes gaga for Zlatan Ibrahimovic   Youtube Spotlight - Film Riot   Enjoy!!  
  • Episode 156 - The Young And The Cashless
    Chris, Rob and John share some stories of the days when they were young and broke, before discussing the Rosanne reboot.  Lightning round stories include Ripple donating to charity, 99 cent NBA streams, Walmart's war on Cosmo, VW's pickup truck, and Lazio falling for an internet scam. YouTube Spotlight - Too Many Records Enjoy!!
  • Episode 155 - Grow Up, Don't Throw Up
    Chris, Rob and John discuss John's St. Patrick's Day adventures (spoiler, no motorcycles were harmed in the making of this episode), as well as their thoughts on Fortnite: Battle Royale.  They also introduce a few new segments, including the random story speed round and the YouTube spotlight. YouTube Spotlight - Daneger and Stacey Enjoy!!  
  • Episode 154 - Time Travel - Part 2
    Continuing the topic of time travel, Chris, Rob and John site different ways movies and TV depict the subject.  They also concoct their time travel hoax and answer the question of what they would do to themselves, should they meet a past or future version.
  • Episode 153 - Time Travel - Part 1
    Chris, Rob and John discuss various time travel theories and technologies, as well as the legend of John Titor, whom we desperately hope is real.     Enjoy!!
  • Epiosde 152 - Things Can Change
    Chris and Rob start off on a somewhat medical note, discussing some of their recent ailments, how confusing health insurance can be, and a couple anesthesia stories.  As they shift their focus to a more positive note, they discuss ways to give your demeanor a kick in a better direction, starting with streamlining your mobile device.
  • Episode 151 - History Repeats Itself
    Rob has more delivery issues, John is ready to go off the grid and Chris is on the fence about, well, everything.  Other segments include the Olympics, prime ages for athletes, a quick social media rant, and the recent school shootings. Oh yeah, and Rob now knows his hat size. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 150 - Old And Lazy
    John becomes Johnny Raycoons, Rob goes spoofing and Chris just tries to stay awake.  All this and more as the boys spent Valentine's Day together.  Well, sort of. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 149 - Rants And Rambles
    Chris and John clear the road to let Rob get a few things off his chest before following up on the progress of their New Year's resolutions.  They also discuss their recent attitude change regarding a certain popular app, which or course leads to conspiracies.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 148 - An Evening With Blayne Smith
    This week Chris, Rob and John are joined by comedian and fellow metal head Blayne Smith.  They discuss some of Blayne's works including stand up comedy, Banger TV, his Twitch stream and of course, metal.  Don't miss this one!! Enjoy!! Find more Blayne: Website:  http://metalcomedy.com/ Twitter / Instagram: @metalcomedy Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/metalcomedy Banger TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/BangerFilmsInc YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxBddYrZiVh5jjEx1eYJ5_A  
  • Episode 147 - Jack Stolz Returns
    Chris, Rob and John are joined once again by musician, vlogger and all around good dude, Jack Stolz.  Hang out with them as they discuss the evolution of Jack's vlog, the origins of his band Trove, the idea of working for yourself, and a ton more! Enjoy!   Links to Jack's Stuff: Instagram - @jackstolz Twitter - @toolatethejack Youtube - youtube.com/c/jackstolz Also Google "Too Late the Hero" and "Trove" for stuff on his bands!
  • Episode 146 - Old School Check In
    Chris and Rob kick it old school as it's just them having a good old fashioned LOTD stream of consciousness conversation.  They manage to cover climate change, outsourced labor, highway tolls and Loudwire's Top 10 Best Metal Albums of 1988 (to which a link for that can be found over on our Facebook page).  And to round things out, an LOTD patented bodily functions story. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 145 - Intro To Cryptocurrency
    Listen in as Rob and John educate Chris (and hopefully you) as to the basics of buying and trading cryptocurrencies.  Oh yeah, and it's an interactive episode!! Enjoy!!! Useful links that come up:  coinmarketcap.com coinbase.com
  • Episode 144 - Resolutions
    Chris, Rob and John are back talking New Year's resolutions!  Why we make them, why we break them, and some things they're thinking about doing themselves.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 143 - 2017 Highlight Reel
    Revisit some snippets from the past year.  If you want to hear more of any episode featured here, the list below should include links, maybe.  At the very least, it shows the time you can skip to for any segment. Enjoy! 2:31 - Ep 91 - Muzeroom.com/Ronan Mason - 1/2/17 7:21 - Ep 96 - Deep Thoughts with Jason of Gravehill - 2/6/17 10:05 - Ep 100 - Time Capsule - 3/6/17 20:51 - Ep 105 - Consiracy Theories - 4/10/17 36:09 - Ep 112 - Hanging Out with Jack Stolz - 5/29/17 51:40 - Ep 118 - ...And The Third Guy - 7/10/17 60:14 - Ep 121 - The Mafia - 7/31/17 70:05 - Ep 125 - Song Dissection - 8/28/17 71:41 - Ep 128 - Two Perspectives of WNY - 9/18/17
  • Episode 142 - Christmas Traditions
    Merry Christmas!  This week the boys talk about Christmas traditions, whether it be ones they participated in, ones they've heard of or some they'd like to start.   Thanks for sticking with us for another year! Enjoy!
  • Episode 141 - JT Corpse Returns
    Chris, Rob and John are joined once again by vocalist, YouTuber and soon to be podcaster Jason T Corpse talking everything from cryptocurrency, video games, TV, music and the good ol' days. They also ponder the question "How much would it take to buy you?" Check out Jason in other corners of the internet below. Facebook Twitter: @corpsie74 Youtube - Jason the Heavy Metal Gamer Enjoy!!
  • Episode 140 - The Not Naughty List
    If you're still struggling to get your holiday shopping done, let Chris, Rob and John give you some last minute holiday gift ideas that you may not have thought of.  None of the products mentioned are sponsors, they're just really cool.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 139 - The Banger Zone
    Let John and Rob each take you through their Top 10 albums of 2017 while Chris sits back and plays countdown boy.  Head over to our Facebook page for some playlists sampling of the albums covered.  If you're looking for some new tunage, this is the place to start. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 138 - Thanksgiving Miracle
    The holiday table is full as Ben and Jim join Chris, Rob and John this week.  Dinner conversation includes: Thanksgiving traditions, Decibel Magazine's Top 40 Albums of 2017, kids today and their listening habits, Metallica's Reload turns 20, and the touring mentality. All this, and Chris actually gets excited for a new album. Enjoy!
  • Episode 137 - Obscure 80's TV
    After John recounts his Texas Renaissance Festival experience and Rob gives his own pros and cons of the iPhone X, the posse dive into some obscure 80's TV shows that you may or may not have been aware of. Make sure to head over to our Facebook page for some links to the shows discussed. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 136 - Ride The Train
    Chris and Rob (from the future) discuss their latest YouTube rabbit holes, as John gives a pro tip, and just the tip, for navigating Houston to attend sporting events.  All this culminates in a discussion about modern medicine in what is now fondly referred to as the "Uppity Section"   Enjoy!
  • Episode 135 - Nothin' On The Docket
    Considering there was no real plan this week, Chris, Rob and John manage to fill the hour with some insightful talk about tech, health, sports and music.  There are even a few bold future predictions, some of which have already come true.....   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 134 - We Are All Goldfish
    Before they get all uppity, Chris learns a lesson in intellectual property, Rob gets into Turkish Pop, and John continues his 31 Days of Horror.  Plus, a little discussion on Time Magazine's 15 Most Influential Websites. And of course, a bunch of other crap.....   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 133 - 2017 Candy Draft
    It's a full house this week as Chris, Rob and John are joined by Chris Brown and Jim Wirges for the Halloween Candy Draft.  Rules and regulations can be found within the episode as well as all the other nonsense you've come to expect from us.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 132 - It's Satire
    Chris, Rob and John are all over the map this week.  Rob finds some new punk bands with an old school message, Chris looks into lucid dreaming (which John has attempted), and Rob and John fire off an epic (but surprisingly educational) soccer rant.   Enjoy! 
  • Episode 131 - Fan The Hammer
    Sit in with Chris, Rob and John as they start out with some lighthearted conversations about recent concerts, TV, hockey and the MLB playoffs.....oh yeah, and Sexbots; all the things you've come to expect from this group.  That's where it takes a weird turn toward the serious (but not too) leading into racist sports team names, gun control and general political discontent.  Don't let this dissuade you, it's still chock full of the idiocy you know and love.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 130 - Analysis Paralysis
    Chris, Rob and John discuss their media viewing habits. This includes cable, streaming services, and the pros and cons of certain streaming devices. 4 out of 5 dentists will like this episode. Enjoy!
  • Episode 129 - Van Halen / Was (Not Was) / Rush
    Chris, Rob and John had given each other some homework.  Each gave the other an album to digest, dissect and report on, for various reasons.  This episode is the result of said experiment. Rob gave Chris:  Van Halen "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" Chris gave John:  Was (Not Was) "What Up, Dog?" John gave Rob:  Rush "Hemispheres"   Enjoy!
  • Episode 128 - Two Perspectives of WNY
    The official documentation of Rob and John's trip to Western NY. The first half - Chris, Rob and John soberly (or thereabouts) recount the events. The Second Half - Recorded while everyone was in town, and not so sober, Chris, Rob, Ben and John give you the REAL experience. Skip to appx the 56 min mark for the second half, and the real fun. Enjoy!
  • Episode 127 - Travel Plans
    Listen in as Rob and John discuss their travel plans to visit Western NY.  There is also some music and football talk, and Chris thinks he can be a radio DJ.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 126 - Firsthand Harvey
    Sit in with Chris, Rob and John as the Texas boys give some first hand accounts of what it was like to experience Hurricane Harvey.  Everything from preparation, hunkering down, relief efforts, and the road to restoration.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 125 - Song Dissection
    Chris is dog sitting, Rob and John are trying not to get washed away by Harvey, and apparently Mennonites is Wu-Tang.  All of this leads to the discussion of songs about incest, and the break down of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" and Toto's "Africa".   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 124 - The Solar Eclipse
    The end is nigh!  Except probably not.  Join Chris, Rob and John as they discuss facts, conspiracies and prophecies related to the the total solar eclipse sweeping across the US.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 123 - Artificial Intelligence
    In this week's installment, they boys talk artificial intelligence;  the principles, the theories and the fears.  This somehow (as usually happens) leads into mind control and other possibilities of dimensions.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 122 - Episode About Nothing
    John does Christmas in July, Rob sees a concert for free, and Chris goes topless.  All this and a lot of other nothingness.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 121 - The Mafia
    Before the train derails completely (as usually happens) Chris, Rob, Ben and John discuss the mafia. From the origins and history to present day, complete with bad accents, it's all in there.   Enjoy!
  • Episode 120 - Groove Metal
    Chris, Rob and John are talking Groove Metal this week!  From the origins through the classic and modern styles, they share their thoughts on all of it.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 119 - Master Of None - Season 2
    Listen in as Chris, Rob and John discuss season 2 of Netflix's "Master Of None".  Also noteworthy are John's road trip recap, Chris's 20 year high school reunion, and the First Annual "Christmas in July, Shiner Holiday Cheer Bonanza", with sole participant and event coordinator, Rob.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 118 - ...And The Third Guy
    Chris, Rob, Ben and Jim go through the painstaking process of developing the definitive Top 10 List of Three Piece Rock Bands, and you get to witness every minute of it!   The End Result: 10 - Goo Goo Dolls 9 - Bee Gees 8 - Muse 7 - Motorhead 6 - ZZ Top 5 - Green Day 4 - Rush 3 - Beastie Boys 2 - Nirvana 1 - The Police   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 117 - Simpler Times
    Chris, Rob and John cover the spectrum from economics to 90's commercials.  They also pose the question "If you could live in one year for the rest of your life, what would it be?"     Enjoy!!
  • Episode 116 - Liquid Gold
    Chris, Rob and John go back to basics with a good old fashioned LOTD stream of consciousness conversation, complete with good old fashioned technical difficulties.  Topics include Father's Day adventures, "Pouring or Peeing", Billboard's 100 greatest metal albums of all time, 20 year class reunion, and of course, Pokemon GO. Enjoy!!!     Technical Difficulties Music -  "Spanish Flea" by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
  • Episode 115 - Nu Metal
    Nu Metal is the topic of the week!  Do you remember it?  Were you into it?  What bands do you consider part of the genre?  Chris, Rob, Ben and John (sorry, Ray) share their opinions on the subject.  Also, stick around through the end for a little bonus story from Rob.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 114 - eSports
    Join Chris, Rob and John as they discuss the ever growing world of competitive eSports.  From popular games, team structures and how to consume, they try to figure it all out. Enjoy!!
  • Episode 113 - What's New Wit Chu?
    Chris, Rob, Ben and John discuss their holiday weekend adventures as well as a few things they have recently gotten into (all legal, we swear), answering the question, "What's New Wit Chu?" Enjoy!!
  • Episode 112 - Hanging Out With Jack Stolz
    Chris, Rob and John are joined by YouTuber Jack Stolz to discuss his vlog, music, video games, Pokemon, D&D and just about everything in between!  This is definitely a "don't miss" episode. Be sure to check out Jack's Vlog here.   Enjoy!!!
  • Episode 111 - No Agenda
    Chris and Rob go back to their podcast roots as they go mano a mano (or mano en mano, as the case may be) in this free form discussion featuring such hits as:  "Master of None", "Behind the Pints" beer festival, Metallica's iOS app, Pokemon GO "Rock Type Event", video games, and household gadgets. 
  • Episode 110 - We're Nailin' Ya
    A ton of good metal has come out already this year, but you may not be aware of that fact.  So, Rob and John (not so much Chris) run you through a few bands and albums that are definitely worth a spin.  Also, check out the LOTD socials for an an exclusive Spotify playlist to compliment this episode.   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 109 - One Pisstific Band
    Rewind back to the '90s as Chris, Rob, Ben and John discuss the some of the decade's most prominent genres.  Dive back into the swing revival, pop-punk, grunge and hip-hop in this nostalgic, yet somehow informative episode.   Enjoy!!!
  • Episode 108 - 8 Accurate Things
    Get a glimpse into the cinematic and musical tastes of Chris, Rob and John as they take turns discussing a few of their favorite note worthy movies, and then apply the same formula to a few albums.  The selections may surprise you.
  • Episode 107 - So, You Wanna Get Into Baseball - Part 2
    Chris, Rob, Ben and John continue their baseball talk, adding stories of their first games, best and worst parks, who to root for if you're a noob, and how confusing the MLB draft is.  Chris and Ben also fight with Brandon (absent) to go to game 3 of Yankees/Pirates (spoiler alert, they ended up going).  Oh yeah, and John clocks in his first podcasting injury...... Seventh Inning Stretch - "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" (Albert Von Tilzer), performed by YouTube user MrRunnerholic   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 106 - So, You Wanna Get Into Baseball, Part 1
    So, you want get into baseball but don't know how, don't get it, or think it's boring?  You're not alone, but hopefully Chris, Rob, Ben and John can help you out with that.  Through their varying levels of baseball expertise and experiences, maybe they can give you a new (or first time) perspective.  Everything from how to experience it to which baseball video games to play can be found in the first part of this double header! Seventh Inning Stretch - "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" (Albert Von Tilzer), performed by Gil Imber   Enjoy!!
  • Episode 105 - Conspiracy Theories
    Could the Earth actually be flat? Could the Moon be artificial? Could we be living inside of a simulation? Join Chris, Rob and John as they try to convince each other that these theories could be true. For more, check out LOTDPodcast.com. Enjoy!
  • Episode 104 - Whole Nother
    Join Chris, Rob, Ben and John as they close out season 2!  Don’t forget to head over to patreon.com/lotdpodcast for some after show fun.  Topics of the week include:   What Next For Cities Abandoned By NFL Teams  (usatoday.com) Oilers, Fans Celebrate End Of Playoff Drought  (nhl.com) For Jorge Villfaña, The Dream Of Playing For the U.S. Started With A Nationally Televised Contest  (washingtonpost.com) Chris gets ranty…..again. Whatcha Drinkin’ Raybeans? 7 Times Big Beer Was Sued For Misleading The Public  (vinepair.com) Glenn Danzig Suggests Some Of California’s Wildfires May Have Been Acts Of Terrorism  (blabbermouth.net) Dave Mustaine:  Megadeth’s ‘Risk’ Should Have Been Released As A Solo Album  (blabbermouth.net)   …….and of course, other stuff…..   Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 103 - I Wasn't Listening
    Chris, Rob, John and eventually Ben get to the bottom of some of life’s great mysteries.  Just kidding.  They talk about beer, sports, music and more beer because it’s pretty much all they know.  Topics of the week include:   Whatcha’ Drinkin Raybeans? Ghanaian Soccer Player Thanks Wife And Girlfriend In ‘Man Of The Match’ Speech  (telegraph.co.uk) Record Store Day:  [BBC’s] Pick Of 10 Of The Best Releases  (bbc.com) Metallica’s Hetfield:  I Never Wanted To Release ‘Nothing Else Matters’  (ultimate-guitar.com) Everyone In The NBA Controversy Over Resting Players Is Right – And Wrong  (theguardian.com) ‘Tinderization Of The NBA’ Reportedly Helping Players’ Performance In Road Games  (bleacherreport.com) Bracket Madness: America’s Best Craft Brewery Round Of 16  (ftw.usatoday.com) The 13 Best Beers For Springtime  (hopculture.com) Houston Press Brewfest – May 20, 2017  (brewfest.com)   Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 102 - Parapandus
    Chris and Brandon have Winter Storm Stella stuck in their craw, while John and Rob explain the Texas Interstate system.  Oh, but that’s not all.  The following are the meat and potatoes of the week:   Whatcha Drinkin’ Raybeans? Beer Geek Chronicles:  The Black Market  (thesixtel.com) Site Of The Week:  SellYourPenis.com Spotify And Waze Partner To Play Music And Navigate Seamlessly  (techcrunch.com) Kirk Hammett Reacts To Random Metallica Covers  (blabbermouth.net) Seven Years Later, Pokemon Player Finally Maxes Out Pokewalker  (theentertainmentreporter.com) [Master Of None] Season 2 Premiers May 12 On Netflix  (reddit.com/r/MasterOfNone) DeepMind’s New AI System Can Learn Based On Its Past Experiences  (wired.co.uk) These Are The 17 House Of Representatives That Introduced A Bill To Let Telecoms Sell Your Personal Internet History  (privateinternetaccess.com) Texas Men Would Face Fine For Masturbating, Need Rectal Exam For Viagara Under Proposed Law  (dallasnews.com) Extra Digit Accidentally Typed By Officer Turns UK Man Into A Pedophile  (techdirt.com) You’ll Never Believe What It Costs To Rent A Panda From China  (gizmodo.com)   ….and other stuff, but you know that…..   Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 101 - Som-BAH-dy
    Chris, Ben and Brandon, still licking their wounds from the previous evening, are carried along by Rob and John to scratch the surface of the following topics:   Whatcha Drinkin’ Raybeans? MLS Confidential:  Players Polled On Pro/Rel, Beckham Miami Team, Salaries, Donovan Return, Giovinco Snub, More  (espnfc.us) Sporting KC Announces Price Decreases For Food And Beverage Items At Children’s Mercy Park  (sportingkc.com) Closer By The Chainsmokers But Every Lyric Is Replaced By All Star By Smash Mouth  (youtube.com) Des’ree Hit Had The ‘Worst Pop Lyrics Ever’  (telegraph.co.uk) Mastodon Share New Song ‘Andromeda’ :Listen  (pitchfork.com) Prince’s Revolution Bandmates Going On Full Parade With 24-Gig Tour  (startribune.com) Earache Records On Demand Store  (ondemand.earache.com) You’ve Been Playing Megadeth’s ‘Holy Wars’ Wrong, According To Dave Mustaine  (metalinjection.net)   WikiLeaks:            - WikiLeaks Publishes Massive Trove Of CIA Spying Files In ‘Vault 7’ Release  (independent.co.uk)            - Breaking:  WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Is Using Malware On iOS and Android Devices, Targets Windows, Linux, Routers And Even Smart TVs  (ricolahnews.com)            - WikiLeaks Has Released Less Than 1% Of Its ‘Vault 7’ Series In Its Part One Publication Yesterday [3/7/17] ‘Year Zero’  (reddit.com/r/wikileaks)            - Former CIA Boss Blames Millennials For Leaks  (youtube.com)   New Peeps-Flavored Oreos Reportedly Turning People’s Poop Pink  (abc7chicago.com) Milk Is The New Creamy Symbol Of White Racial Purity In Donald Trump’s America  (mic.com)   …and we could all use a little change….   Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Epiosde 100 - Time Capsule
    After a freak time-traveling incident, Chris, Rob, Ben, John and Brandon manage to record an episode in the 1980’s, only to hide it for 30-some years and release it as this very special 100th episode.  “Current” observations include:   Tape 1: In The 80’s – Glossary of Eighties Terms  (inthe80s.com) Remember The 80’s: The Iconic [Sports] Moments  (espn.com) 8 Drinks That Only People Who Grew Up In The 80’s Will Understand  (vinepair.com) The 25 Greatest Films Of The 80’s  (shortlist.com) Readers Poll:  The 10 Best Metal Albums Of The 1980’s  (rollingstone.com) Top 100 Albums Of The 1980’s  (pitchfork.com) The Best 80 Gadgets Of The 80’s  (complex.com)   Tape 2: 10 Most Influential Video Games From The 80’s  (arcadesushi.com) The 50 Best Games Of The 80’s  (gamesradar.com) The 80 Hottest Women Of The 80’s  (listal.com)   Intro and outro music courtesy youtube.com/audiolibrary Intro – Hemispheres by Silent Partner Outro – Energized by Jingle Punks   Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 99 - Des Haricots
    Chris, Rob, John and Brandon (Ben’s twin and LOTD understudy) pass judgment on the following hot button issues this week:   Whatcha’ Drinkin Raybeans? LOTD Bachelor Fantasy Answers 1999 Trivia, History and Fun Facts  (pop-culture.us) FA Cup Madness:  Quarterfinals And A Pie Eating Investigation Ahead Eric Church Cancels 25K Tickets Bought By Scalpers  (billboard.com) Kurt Cobain 50th Birthday And His Top 50 Favorite Records (vinyloftheday.com) Wristband To Track Your Blood Alcohol Level  (techcrunch.com) President Of Iceland Announces That He Would Ban Pineapple As A Pizza Topping  (icelandmag.visir.is) The 6 Best Series On Netflix That You Should Watch  (panpact.com) First We Feast Presents “Hot Ones”  (youtube.com) Pikachu Parties In Pokemon GO  (pokemon.com)   …….and we party like it was 18 years ago……    Enjoy!!!   Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 98 - Thespis
    Chris, Rob, Ben and John fill all your holes this week with the following topics:   Whatcha’ Drinkin Raybeans? Grammy Talk – The Grammy’s House Band Plays Metallica Song As Megadeth Pick[s] Up Award  (nme.com) Metallica Falls Victim To Multiple Grammy Flubs  (foxnews.com) Testament’s Alex Skolnick Defends Metallica/Gaga Grammy Performance  (metalsucks.net)  Lars Ulrich On Lady Gaga: ‘Quintessential Fifth Member Of This Band’  (rollingstone.com) The 7 Types Of Record Collectors  (medium.com) Artist Spotlight – Crystal Viper [When The Sun Goes Down]  (youtube.com) Barnwell’s 5 AFC East Moves  (espn.com) On The Bubble:  30 AFC Players Who Could Be Released  (nfl.com) ‘The Bahelor’s’ Corinne Olympios Is Channeling Donald Trump  (chicagotribune.com) LOTD Fantasy Bachelor Picks ‘Pokemon GO’ Is Finally Evolving With 80 New Gen 2 Pokemon Arriving This Week  (forbes.com)   …..all that and chocolate, flowers, wine and candles…..    Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 97 - The Fraternal Order Of The Blanket
    Join Chris, Rob, Ben and John for some stories in the blanket fort this week.  Topics include:   Whatcha Drinkin’ Raybeans? Bachelorfan290 Update Local Press In Reading Were Tricked Into Think[ing] The Club Might Be Signing A Striker Called “Yermas Dildo”  (getreading.co.uk) The Most Hated Player In Every NHL Team’s History (thesportster.com) The 2016 NFL All-Penalty Team – Top Penalized NFL Players By Position (sportsfacts.org) SF Adventure Home Page (reddit.com/r/NFLadventureclub) App Of The Week – Acrofever (acrofever.com) Artist Spotlight – Pharaoh Sonic Seasoning:  How Music Changes The Taste Of Your Beer  (pastemagazine.com) Megan Mullally:  Nick Offerman Is The International Symbol For Men's Toilets  (teamcoco.com) Milwaukee Stifles Pokemon GO: Niantic Labs Now Needs Permit To Use Parks As Monster Hunting Grounds (techtimes.com) Megadeth Has A Secret   …..A.T.A.A.B.O.C….    Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 96 - Deep Thoughts With Jason of Gravehill
    Chris, Rob, Ben and John are joined for the full hour this week by Jason T Corpse of Los Angeles based metal band Gravehill.  Listen in as they discuss beer, music, Gravehill (of course) video games and horror movies! Facebook - Gravehill Twitter - @gravehill666 Twitter - @corpsie74 Instagram - @corpsie74 Youtube - Jason the Heavy Metal Gamer    Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 95 - Low School
    Bing, Bang, Boom!  That’s the sound of Chris, Rob, Ben and John cranking through this week’s stories!  Topics include:   WhatchaDrinkin’ Raybeans? Bachelorfan290 update Super Bowl Talk The Falcons Will Win The Super Bowl Because Our [Not LOTD] ‘Madden’ Simulation Says So (cbssports.com) The Last Time The Super Bowl Was Held In Houston Was 2003.  Here Are 16 Strange Similarities Between That Season And The 2016 Season (reddit.com/r/nfl) Tanking:  The Game (theringer.com) The 440 Enigma:  The Musical Conspiracy To Separate Mankind From The Divine (Author:  L C Vincent) Artist Spotlight – Macabre Fort Worth Man Shoves Guitar Down His Pants And Walks Out Of Store (amp1037.cbslocal.com) Tostitos’ New Party Bag Knows When You’ve Been Drinking And Will Even Call You An Uber (adweek.com) Pokemon GO Plus   …………and everyone make it out alive……    Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 94 - Haughty Sense Of Masculinity
    Listen in as Chris, Rob, Ben and John ask (and kind of answer) the following Earth shattering questions:   WhatchaDrinkin’ Raybeans? How Much Does It Cost If You Puke In An Uber? What Is John’s Current Rank In The Bachelor Fantasy League? What Is This Week’s “App Of The Week”? (hint – It’s Waze) (waze.com) What If Every One-Score 2016 NFL Game Went The Other Way?  (reddit.com/r/nfl) Why Does ‘Flash Say WNY Market “Not Right Fit” for NWSL’? (democratandchronicle.com) Why Are You Afraid Of The Video “Slade – Cum On Feel The Noize [Rare Original Footage French TV 1973]”?  (youtube.com) Why Is “Vinyl On Track To Become A Billion-Dollar Business in 2017? (varietynewsclub.com) Need Weekend Plans?  Why Not Check out BallieBallerson? (ballieballerson.com) Japan Has A Real-Life ‘Westworld,’ And It’s Terrifying.  (moviepilot.com) …..And Why Wouldn’t They?   ………..don’t you feel better now? Enjoy!!! Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: YouTube Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail
  • Episode 93 - Hijacked
    Hang out with Chris, Rob, Ben and John as they attempt to tell stories in some sort of linear fashion, but are stricken by an all too common strain of Hostis Intruptus.  Topics of the week include:   John Gets His Yeti On Whatcha Drinkin’ Raybeans? Whatcha Crankin’ Rob?  - With Spontaneous Submissions By The Rest Of The Gang John’s Houston Beer Adventure, Featuring Running Walker Tap Takeover, Holler Brewing Co And Platypus Brewing Fantasy Bachelor – Week 1 Results The Birth (and probably death) Of The “Get John To WNY” Campaign Buffalo Bills Speculation Rob Saw Another Movie 7 Degrees Of Christian Bale Crazy Weather   …..and as always, spiders….. Click here - Buy us a beer!   Subscribe here: iTunes Google Play Music Stitcher iHeartRadio RSS   Find us lurking at these other places on the internet: Twitter Instagram Facebook E-Mail