In this weeks installment, i’ll be revealing my Top 5 Metal albums you may not have heard. I’ll see if I can remember back far enough to recall how I ended up hearing these bands…

Without further ado…

5. Pathos – Hoverface (1997)

Back in the mid to late 90’s in Western, NY, your options were limited in finding quality metal albums. If you did stumble upon an album, you had to rely on the label the band was on and the album art.

Unfortunately, every album I picked up turned out to be awful. My buddy Jim, on the other hand, would pick up the oddest albums and they’d all end up rocking. Many of them will be included in this list.

Pathos was no exception. I don’t think I would have bought this based on the cover. It did remind me of late 90’s computer graphics programs, so that was cool.

I can’t quite label this band. The songs are just good. It’s very melodic, progressive and even has a power metal feel at time. Check them out below!

4. Hollow – Modern Cathedral (1997)

Well, it looks like 1997 was the year for Progressive/Power Metal acts. Another Swedish act that are clearly influenced by Queensryche and other progressive acts, “Modern Cathedral” is another epic find with some quality tunes. “Hold Your Banners High” will be stuck in your head for weeks. I guarantee it.

3. Mercury Rising – Building Rome (1998)

I can’t recall where I picked this album up. By 1998, I was in college and driving so trips to Cleveland or Toronto for cd’s weren’t out of the question. This is the third Progressive/Power Metal album on the list. I was either really into this genre at the time or there was just a ton of quality bands around writing some of the best metal albums i’ve ever heard. “Building Rome” lies more on the Progessive side of the sprectrum. Fans of ‘Shadow Gallery’ would definitely like this. I still own this album….somewhere. I like it so much that I ordered a copy of Amazon which sadly, may be lost in the mail. Of course there are no decent streams of the album either. If you can get your hands on a copy, I recommend it. In the meantime, check out “Cathedrals”.

2. Winter’s Bane – Heart of A Killer (1993)

“Heart of a Killer” is a traditional metal masterpiece feature Tim “Ripper” Owens prior to joining Judas Priest. I can definitely see what they liked about this guy. These guys hail from Akron, Ohio. I missed out hearing about them since that was a bit early for me, but stumbled on this album later.

Side note, one of my old band’s played with Ripper in Erie, PA at a club called Sherlock’s. I used to love playing there. Anyways, he was in the headlining band which did a ton of covers. I heard him sing Audioslave. It was weird.

I don’t want to make this all about Ripper. The band is amazing. The album is a well written concept album and each song is as good as the last. Pick this one up for sure.

1. The Quite Room – Introspect (1997)

I can’t say enough about this album. They were the opening band for Jag Panzer when I saw them in Ohio in the late 90’s. They were a great live band. Progressive metal at it’s finest. It was definitely on the heavier side but very melodic. I believe they were a Colorado band.

I was standing in line during Record Store Day a couple years ago and randomly sifted through the used metal cd’s. To my disbelief, this album was sitting there. I’d never owned an actual copy, I had a dubbed version that I’d lost years ago.

This album has been in my car ever since and I rarely listen to cd’s anymore but this one is still in regular rotation.

Have you heard any of these albums before? Do you have some that you’d think we’d like here over at LOTD Podcast? Leave us some comments!

Until Next Week…..Goodbye Mailbox.